Viber For PC free download - Make Free International Calls From Your PC By Using Viber

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The title says it all. Ever thought of 'How to use a mobile app on your PC?'. The answer is YES. Now the Smartphone apps are not not limited to the smartphones only. That means you can use all the amazing smartphone apps on your laptop (also Computers). 

This gives you the liberty to also use Viber in your laptop. This means now your laptop is smart laptop and will act as your phone. (For those who is not aware about Viber: It is a wonderful app available for Android, Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry. You can make free calls to any part of the world for free. No call charges will be applicable if both the person have Viber on their phone. Viber works on internet).

The benefits of using Viber on your PC are:
  1. Free text messaging with Viber users. 
  2. Free International Calling to Viber users on Phone and PCs
  3. Free Photo messages to any person in world that has Viber
  4. Free location-sharing with Viber users
  5. No registration, alias or invitations required
  6. You would able to Invite your friends who is not using Viber for talking and texting for free.
  7. The Viber app for PC/Laptop is work same like the viber app work on Android Smartphone's.
  8. Crystal clear voice clarity
  9. There is no bug in the app.

Step by Step guide for 'How to Install VIBER on your Laptop/PC?'
  1. You need to download 'BLUESTACKS' software (available for free) from their official website. Click here to download it.
     2. Click on 'Download for Windows' if your OS is Windows or Click on 'Download for Mac' if you are using APPLE Mac. 

     3. After downloading, Install it on your Laptop (It takes a while to download, meanwhile go and grab a cup of coffee)

     4. Click on the downloaded icon and follow the below mentioned screens. (Notice the red circle in the screenshots).

     5. Click on 'Viber: Free Calls & Messages'

It will ask you to add a 'Google' (Gmail) account. Click on 'Yes'

Enter your Gmail id and Password. Click on 'Sign in' at the Right Corner.

Click on 'Continue'

Click on 'Accept' to procedd with the downloading.
                                                 Type 'Viber' in the search bar    
Slecet the below shown encircled icon
Click on 'Accept & Download'

Once the download is completed. Clcik on 'Open'

Click on 'Continue' 
 Select your 'Country' from the dropdown menu and then enter your 'Phone Number' to receive a text message.
Select 'OK'.

Once you reach here, you will receive a text message on the hone number you entered above. Enter the received code here.
Clcik on 'Sync Contacts' even though it does not make any change.
Congratulation. If you see the below mentioned screen, you have sucessfully completed the procedure.
 If you do not reach to this screen or has some doubts to clear, feel free to ask it in the comment section below. If you are sucessfully able to install then kindly help your fellowmates to install.  With this wonderful procedure you will be able to install any possible app available on android on your laptop/Computer.

 Thanks to Viber team for such a wonderfull App and thanks to bluestack to make it available and applicable for pc also