Videocon offers free calls from India to USA and Canada

India is a red ocean for telecom service providers. The local and STD call rates here extremely low as compared to the tariffs of USA and Canada. Even though few people uses VoIP services here, it is still a growing market for service providers like Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE and others. Amidst of this development Videocon launched a never heard before scheme to make cheaper ('Almost free' would be more appropriate word) calls to USA and Canada. That means if you were waiting for any kind of internet free service to make a call to your dear ones in USA or Canada, then your wait is over. 

WeChat - Should you believe Lionel Messi, Parineeti and Varun?

You would have seen many commercials including Lionel Messi asking you to download WeChat. If you are in India then you would have definitely seen Parineeti and Varun asking you to download WeChat on your smartphone. If we believe them, then WeChat is a must for your phone. But is it so? Shall we trust them and download without giving it a thought? Today we will see how true are the high talks about the

LINE for PC – Install and activate line on your pc in just 5 Minutes for Free.

The VoIP market is in its peak time and is seeing great number of app launches for making free calls and messages. Firstly Skype, then Viber and now it seems LINE is the upcoming dominator of VoIP service provider. LINE is a new & trending communication app which allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day! LINE has more than 210 million users worldwide (yes, a real competitor to Viber) and is used in over 231 countries! It was imperative for LINE to launch a desktop version just like Viber did.

Truecaller for laptop free download - Install and Activate Truecaller on your laptop in 5 minutes for Free

Have you ever searched for a miss call finder site on web to find the name or location of a number. This might be a case to find a name or location of a call, missed call or a message and you are not aware of the identity of the sender. Well with  Truecaller you have your answer. It a a wonderful global directory with ever increasing data. Currently it identifies approx 85% phone numbers across the world. There might also be the case when you are in an important meeting or discussion and you receive a call from unknown number. You might not be sure as it may be a opportunity call for you or may be a waste advertisement call. 

Viber for PC download free - Install and activate Viber on your PC in just 5 minutes for Free

Viber is no more a new name for the users of VoIP to make free calls. It is a well know app that has gained great momentum in short time with its appreciable quality. Viber was initially launched for iPhone on Dec 2 2010, in direct competition with Skype. But as the Skype was considered as a best PC app to make free international calls, there were no doubt that Viber would also launch a PC version. Viber has now officially released a desktop version for PC and Laptops and we are going to tell you how you can install it on your PC/laptop quickly.